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We are changing the way we assess risk.


New to bank customers have suffered from the traditional model of lending, based on their financial position, with data sources predominantly being sourced from the major Credit Bureaus. The problem this creates is a ‘computer says no’ scenario for these borrowers. Banks are losing the ability to analyse these new to bank customers, creating a gap whereby these thin credit file customers are being rejected with no clear underlying problems. For Gen Z and Millennial borrowers, as banks continue to say ‘no’, their credit files remain ‘thin’, creating even greater demand as time passes.


The Sana Score, is created using a recipe of predictive modelling and machine learning to better identify the customers credit risk. The interaction of the customer to each of IAMXO’s subsidiaries, creates unique user experiences (UX). The combination of the UX’s, provides a clear and evidential analysis to the customers journey, allowing for more intuitive interactions with bank clientele. 

We see this Gen Z and Millenial cohort as the holy grail to in the future. 

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