We believe in the value of owning your own home.

Create young self-sustainable communities


We were spending a lot of our wage on rent. This means for years, we struggled to save for a deposit. In fact, we never did. The responsibility of owning a house and paying a mortgage does not start until the age of 37 in Australia. One of the highest average ages for first home buyers in the world! The longer young people are out of the market, the further away the goal of home ownership becomes. It’s a vicious cycle for us young people.


Occubuy have developed a platform to assist young Australian’s with a gradual property ownership model.

“I want to buy a home.

I am a millennial/Gen-Z that is entering into adulthood.

I am now ready to settle down and prepare for the future but I don’t want to be spending 30% of my earnings towards rent while watching the property market become unaffordable. I wish I knew what I know now, but lack of education and teachings meant I was anxiously watching my dreams of financial freedom drift away.

Then comes Occubuy.

Occubuy gave me the opportunity to enter into the Australian property market today, as a 20 something year old.

Instead of wasting further time saving for a deposit and spending dead money on rent, Occubuy gave me a pathway to become a homeowner before my peers. It started with a seamless application and provided me guidelines as to what home I could choose. I was educated through the buying process and Occubuy took care of all the purchase costs and made moving into my new home easy….


Our Mission

1. Drop the age of first homeownership

2. Help young people save dead money on rent

3. Create young self-sustainable communities

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