We are Changing the way foreign borrowers access finance.

A seamless digital service with the best rates, and rewards.


In the past major banks in Australia have avoided providing financial products and services to non-residents as they consider them high risk. We want to democratise access to Australian financial products and services for non-residents and foreigners.


Loanroo is a digital automated loan application that provides non-residents and expatriate access to traditional finance products offered by Australian lenders. Borrowers will be required to engage with an interactive form that requests traditional information (as per the banks request) as well as alternative user data that allows Sana to create a more intuitive file for the banks credit analysts. 

This application allows Loanroo to gain non-credit bureau data for analysis. Loanroo’s role as an intermediary does not end at the acceptance of the application. There is a major focus on Post Loan Management to ensure that the borrower is given the best opportunity to repay the loan as quick as possible. To do this, we incentive repayments by providing rewards in cash, interest payment reductions and access to exclusive third-party offerings. This mortgage payment (loanroo) app data that we gather in the lifetime of the loan will provide an evolving deep alternative credit profile for the borrower that the banks would request access to, to manage the individual and portfolio risk.

Loanroo’s mission is to offer non-residents and foreigners greater access to finance by providing lenders with a credit risk profile that they would not have access to otherwise. This allows lenders to provide finance to this customer type with more confidence. 

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