Investment education community for young adults


Education to make investment decisions has been lost in the age of social media hype. The money flowing into all financial markets, from Generation O investors, is continuously  growing. Here is the problem. All the gear, no idea.

There is a major lack of quality and engaging financial and Investment education for young Australians;

An increase in financial stress which has developed from the economic environment and mental health disorders.

Outdated traditional education syllabus topics that don’t prepare teens for real life scenarios (as well as archaic teaching methods).

Financial illiteracy is shown in HILDA’s survey, reporting that half of all Australians struggle with financial literacy (women are less than 50%).


We have developed an educational institution, to help young people make better investment decisions. We care about helping every person reach financial freedom. This is how we see your future.

Mentorship – Describe how you envision to solve the problems you previously shared.

Community – Group problem solving and buddy systems where members connect, collaborate, share knowledge and discover new approaches

Self-discovery – Ensuring investors understand themselves, skills and how to improve.

Rewards – Gamification, problem-solving through digital games and simulations… Financial reward!

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