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Impact as a service (IaaS)


Australian businesses are crying out for more workers with the country in the middle of one of its largest ever labour shortages. There are more than 423,000 job vacancies, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It’s not only become a national but global crisis. Employers are not able to identify and acquire talented, and highly skilled workers. This has has a major flow on effect to the quality of service and products provided in the marketplace.

Not only are companies struggling to employ skilled workers, but are unable to keep them, with the attrition rate at an all time high. Employers therefore have to not only understand where to identify talent but how to retain their services long term. 


Iamrecruiting gathers a talent pool in India, where we fill a need for young professionals to find global opportunities that are financially superior to those locally

This talent pool is nurtured and monetised through its own partnerships with migration and career path providers. The main purpose of this talent pool is to supply a consistent pipeline of talent. We see this being of major importance in the next 5-10 years. 

We aim to house and integrate the talent to help them assimilate but also share the Indian culture in Australia. 

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