Unification platform for digital wallets.

All of your assets in one place. Digitally transforming the authenticity and ownership of digital assets.


We are in the generation O, of payment processing and asset security is digital wallets. It is projected to be a trillion dollar industry in the next 5 years. We saw a major problem in 2016 where we had multiple different digital wallets for multiple applications and digital assets. Apple Pay, Opal, pay-pal… all digital wallets with  their own UI. CADIO brings these together, all in one place.


We have created the first Omni wallet to allow you to manage and transact between the digital wallets available today and those that will be here in the future.

Our platform will first support the digital transactions done by Occubuy and Sana Finance. The Occubuy wallets will provide users the ability to see their rental obligations and the equity being accrued.

To return the commissions for our borrowers, we have integrated a recieving wallet. This wallet will help users access digital currency in an easy way. We give commissions in digital assets, so young people can begin their investment journey.

Cadio will eventually have access to all digital wallets, even combining digitised, minted NFT versions of physical assets such as cars, luxury goods and homes. Next time you purchase luxury good, make sure its authentic and secure ownership in your DIGITAL wallet.

When all legacy transactions are digitised/tokenised, where are we going to store and transact our digital assets?

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