About Us

Who We Are.

We are creating an Omniplatform to deliver proprietary technology based solutions to next generations biggest problems.

The Omniplatform for everything eXtraOrdinary that came after Gen X.

“Next Gen Omniplatform”

IAMXO develops, markets, and plans to operate several technologies aimed at millennials and Gen-Z’s. The platform will be an aggregation of innovative services that solve the biggest problems that young adults are faced with around personal wellness, finance wellness, property, and education. IAMXO is focused on proprietary technologies that solve major issues for customers, and data, to ensure we can provide a unique experience and outcome to users.
The traditional barrier to wealth building has always been access to education, information, products, services, investments and advisory. Access has always been provided to individuals and institutions that have met a certain wealth threshold or are within a particular network. This means that opportunities have been limited to those that don’t fit that criterion. We want to help you!

Cheers to the Change makers





We have created IAMXO, a community of thought mavericks and change-makers globally. We intend to have an unforeseen impact on the financial technology and property technology sectors, across multiple geographic locations. 

Nathan Aranha

IAMXO Co-Founder